Internet of Things

In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, collaboration in developing new technology is vital to fielding successful new solutions. That’s why we are proud to partner with Intel® and Dell in developing radical new building efficiency, information, and control solutions as part of Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Alliance. These powerful partnerships have resulted in the development of the KMC Commander™ platform to easily manage the complexity of connecting building automation systems to the Internet of Things.

internet of things

How does KMC fit in?

KMC manufactures edge devices (KMC Conquest™) with embedded sensors, such as thermostats, which collect data points about the local environment.

Embedded chips in the higher-level edge devices pre-analyze and summarize the data to reduce network traffic and congestion.

Data is then sent over the local network to an IoT appliance such as KMC Commander BX™.

The IoT appliance securely transmits all relevant data to the Cloud (KMC Cloud™) for off-site storage and record keeping, and works as a firewall to prevent network intrusion.

The Cloud provides secure internet-based storage for all device data, and also builds scheduled reports for energy audits and other high-level analysis. This Cloud connection can also be used to view environmental data in real-time, allowing you to address any immediate concerns.

The network of devices can be controlled locally and remotely through web-based and mobile applications. Access through your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet is made possible via KMC Commander or a Niagara workbench. These platforms allow site administrators to generate reports, building managers to make configuration changes, and engineers to solve any problems that may arise either on- or off-site. The platforms are ideally suited to centralized management of multiple sites.

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