Brandon Town Center

Brandon, FL

Setting on a beautifully landscaped 262-acre lot just 8 miles east of downtown Tampa, Florida lies the Brandon Town Center mall. This 1.2 million square foot shopping center recently contracted with Automated Building Controls Systems Inc (ABC) to install KMC products throughout the retail facility.

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Integration was the primary goal of the new controls system. As a result, the KMC products integrate the HVAC system, lighting, smoke evacuation, and building security into one easily operated user interface. Building management is now enabled to control these systems from a central computer.

Flexibility was a key requirement in the hardware control devices. The field programmable nature of KMC products gave the system designers and installers from ABC, a distinct advantage in setting up each zone for its particular requirements. Over 40, 8X8 DDC controllers were used for this purpose.

The facility operators were pleased to see that the KMC Controls system, with its new user interface, resulted in large energy savings and a tighter control over the building operations. In addition, of course, the new control system contributes to a positive shopping experience while maximizes efficiency by providing just the right amount of heating or cooling to keep the building comfortable for customers and employees.

According to Brandon Town Center management, “We like the payback of the controls system that we have received through energy savings. Not only did we save on energy costs, however, but we gained in efficiencies of both time and money by a central control location. That has been extremely convenient.” Another facility professional adds: “The installation and follow-up service by ABC Systems, has helped us provide excellent customer service through the building automation system.”