TPC at Deere Run

Silvis, IL

The annual John Deere Classic golf tournament is held at TPC at Deere Run in this Illinois town near the Davenport, Iowa border. According to D.A. Weibring, PGA TOUR course designer and three-time champion of the Quad Cities tournament, the course was built to resemble an old-style, traditional golf course. It features tree-lined fairways, several dramatic elevation changes, and breathtaking views of the Rock River.

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Distinction was also a requirement for the requisite clubhouse. Construction of the facility went underway as the course design was completed. Building management wanted to make sure that the heating and air conditioning was well-regulated and easily controlled. They turned to KMC Controls and Northwest Mechanical to provide a flexible DDC system to monitor the building’s HVAC from a common front end.

The system has integrated 2 Lochinvar hot water boilers, a domestic water heater/boiler, 2 Trane Voyager 25-ton RTU’s, 7 VAV’s with reheat, and multiple exhaust fans. Several KMC programmable controllers ensure proper management of these devices. Various points, spread throughout the building, send information back to the central workstation for monitoring and review.

Management has full access to system history, trend logging, current events, and alarms from the central computer. Rather than having one set point for the entire building, the KMC program adjusts the VAVs individually to provide the necessary airflow to keep the temperature consistent in each area of the building. This feature provides energy savings and keeps customers and staff comfortable.

Mark Saelens, systems manager of the building, agrees. “KMC products help us monitor and control the HVAC to keep our staff and golfers comfortable. I have found that monitoring the HVAC from one spot prevents some people from being too cold while others are too warm. The system is set to keep everyone comfortable, and it adjusts to maintain a constant temperature throughout the day, even when the sun is beating down on the building midday.”

In the words of Leland Zenk, president of Northwest Mechanical, “The atmosphere at the new TPC golf course is amazing, and we were glad to help install a KMC environmental control system to meet the comfort requirements. System integration and dependability were important to management, and that is what KMC has provided—an integrated, dependable control solution.”