Increasing control, monitoring, and efficiency demands drive the need for flexible building automation systems. Intelligent building control systems reduce energy consumption, lower operating costs, and improve occupant health, comfort, and productivity.


KMC Controls leads the industry in crafting and delivering complete solutions for intelligent buildings. From stand-alone automation systems to advanced solutions for remotely managing multiple sites, KMC has designed industry-leading technology for decades.

KMC is a one-stop turnkey solution for building control. You never need to worry about backward compatibility with older KMC systems, and our customer service is unparalleled.

We are a proud American manufacturer with a strong legacy of engineering and design innovation. We manufacture our own BACnet® digital controllers, sensors, and smart devices needed to overcome the toughest challenges in building automation and energy management.

At KMC, customer input powers the development and refinement of our products. Our development process is driven by close customer relationships. Our unique status as an independent company gives us the flexibility to invest in innovation and move quickly to meet market needs.

KMC has always been a leader in open, interoperable systems. We employ a strict interpretation of the BACnet Standard, ensuring that our customers have a choice when it comes to maintenance and service. We were instrumental in developing the BACnet open protocol, and we offer a full line of leading BACnet products that provide maximum flexibility in implementation and scalability.