Product Overview

KMC offers products designed around the BACnet® open protocol. From powerful enterprise software and applications to advanced application and building controllers. KMC's scalable systems offer building owners and system integrators maximum flexibility in implementation and control.

KMC provides a comprehensive catalog of building system hardware including networkable/communicating thermostats, analog electronic controls and actuators, and industry-standard pneumatic designs.

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  • KMC Conquest

    KMC Conquest

    KMC Conquest is our newest line of BACnet® advanced application digital controllers and sensors for controlling building systems and HVAC equipment.

  • KMC Commander

    KMC Commander

    KMC Commander is the most advanced Internet of Things (IoT) platform for enterprise-level building automation and control. KMC Commander offers cutting-edge integration, analytics, and visualization technology in real-time delivered on your mobile device.



  • KMC Connect

    KMC Connect

    KMC Connect is our latest time-saving, menu-driven configuration utility for KMC Conquest controllers.

  • KMC Connect Lite

    KMC Connect Lite

    KMC Connect Lite is a revolutionary patent-pending mobile application which leverages near field communication (NFC) technology on smart phones and tablets to quickly configure and rapidly deploy KMC Conquest controllers.

  • KMC Converge

    KMC Converge

    KMC Converge is a NiagaraAX and Niagaraapplication for configuration and programming of KMC Conquest controllers through any open JACE. KMC Converge GFX is an advanced HTML5 graphics package for the creation and display of mobile-friendly dashboards.

  • KMC AppStat

    KMC AppStat

    The KMC AppStat is a native BACnet® application specific controller that combines the power of a space-mounted equipment controller with the convenience of built-in temperature, humidity and motion sensors. The AppStat ships with a wide range of factory supplied programs for fan coil, roof top, heat pump, and packaged or split unitary system applications. No special programming, software applications, or setup tools are required.

  • KMC FlexStat

    KMC FlexStat

    The KMC FlexStat is a BACnet® advanced application controller and sensor in a single, attractive package that creates a flexible solution to stand-alone control challenges or BACnet network challenges in any size of commercial and industrial buildings.

  • SimplyVAV


    The SimplyVAV is a BACnet® application specific controller that offers a unique approach to operating a wide variety of VAV terminal units. The controllers feature simple, menu driven setup choices. No special programming skills or software tools are required to choose applications, enter setpoints, set network addressing, and balance airflow. All options can be set using the companion thermostat/sensor, which can be installed as the permanent room sensor or temporarily connected as a technician’s service tool.