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An Easy Platform: From Device to Box to Cloud to Phone

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Open, Secure & Scalable: How Commander Works


Devices carry data. When you connect the Commander BX appliance to a network of devices, it begins automatically normalizing and aggregating that data. That data is then sent to the cloud where it can be easily viewed on any device, including your smartphone. You can track it, trend it, and trigger actions with it. It’s that simple.



IoT works best when it's open, allowing for all systems and devices to communicate. This is why Commander is built as an open platform, allowing ultimate customization through our simple API.


Commander uses leading IT protocols, encrypted communication, white listing and the secure OS Snappy Ubuntu to ensure that your IoT communication is closed to threats and your systems operate safely.


Whether you're monitoring a single key asset or aggregating the energy usage across an entire portfolio of buildings, Commander makes it easy to add and scale to meet your needs.

Dell / Intel Collaboration

KMC’s Collaboration with Dell and Intel

We've worked closely with Dell and Intel to produce an IoT solution, KMC Commander, that is as versatile as the companies that will use it.

Connect Anything: What Commander Works With

Commander is an integrated hardware and software system that automates the task of point discovery, data collection and cloud connection. Working with a number of leading device and sensor protocols like IP, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G cellular, RS-485 and more, you can cover nearly any use case. Commander is the most open and scalable solution available.


See and track real-time metering on energy usage to better understand consumption patterns of electricity, gas, and water use.

Battery Backup

Monitor and report on battery backup units. You can also setup alarms to notify you when a system is down or not charging properly.

Pressure / Volume

See real time pressure or volume status on an asset or material good to help ensure efficiency and optimal operation.


View and trend the settings or status of a particular piece of equipment, whether a sump pump, refrigerator unit or lighting panel.

Tank Levels

Pull data on tank levels and get notifications when they reach a certain point. You can also set a vendor up for notifications to fill or empty.

Building Automation

Watch and control building automation and control systems, from HVAC and lighting to security and access.



KMC ConquestTM controllers give you incredible flexibility, allowing you to use the controllers in a large variety of applications. The most versatile controllers in the Conquest lineup are the BAC-5900 series general purpose controller and the accompanying CAN-5900 expansion module. The biggest reason these are so versatile is the use of HPO-6700 series override boards. These boards come in five varieties with two Analog cards and three Digital cards, each with their own distinct application.

BAC 5901 HPO Card Inserted

It’s extremely easy to install an override board, also known as card. They are hot-swappable, a feature unique to KMC. Whether the controller is powered or not, flip open the cover, locate the slot for the output you’d like to install the card, pull the jumper out of that slot, and slide your card in.

All override boards come standard with a convenient “Hand-Off-Auto” switch, giving you manual access to an output when needed. Hand activates output power. Off deactivates output power. Auto runs the output’s application programmed into the controller from your BMS. Each override board has a red LED indicating when power is being supplied to the output, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the output equipment is on or off. For instance, if your output is connected to a normally-closed relay and you turn the “Hand-Off-Auto” switch to Off, you’ve just turned on the equipment. So like anything, make sure you fully understand each controller’s setup.

Choosing the correct board for your application and output type is critical in making sure your controller works properly and safely. The digital boards – 6701, 6703 and 6705 – are designed to control binary signals to a relay contact or Triac output. The analog cards, 6702 and 6704, are used for outputs using either a 0-10 volt signal or a 4-20 milliamps signal. These also have an adjustable potentiometer.

As far as the digital boards, the 6701 is our Triac card with zero-cross switching. This card is typically used for any binary output requiring AC current. This is our most popular override board, as Triac relays typically last longer and work faster than mechanical relays. The 6703 is a relay override card with normally open contacts, capable of AC and DC outputs. The 6705 is just like it, except it has a normally closed configuration.

For the analog cards, the HPO-6702 uses a 0-10 volt current with an adjustable override potentiometer. The HPO-6704 is very similar to the 6702 with the only difference is it uses a 4-20 mA signal at a 10 volt current loop. If your output requires volts, use the 6702; if mA, use the 6704. Both are powered internally by the controller, unlike digital override cards that require additional power to the Switched Common.

HPO 6701 2The BAC-5900 general purpose controller and the HPO 6700 override boards offer great flexibility. Mix and match as your system requires, and maintain your equipment with unprecedented ease.

For more information on the BAC-5900 series controllers, click here. To learn more about the HPO-6700 series, click here.


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Trusted by Many: Who's Using Commander

  • John Hancock Tower, Chicago, IL

    Known as one of the most iconic buildings in the world, the John Hancock Tower has been an excellent example of KMC Commander’s flexibility. The building has over 700 tenants, and up until recently, no means of accurately monitoring nor trending real-time energy usage. Since installing KMC Commander, they’ve been able to do both of these things, as well as more efficiently monitor and perform maintenance on systems. They’ve also begun taking advantage of and developing on the open API to customize KMC Commander for other uses. KMC Commander and the John Hancock tower were recently featured in an article by Forbes.

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  • The Beauregard, Washington, D.C.

    Nested in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C., The Beauregard is the epitome of modern architecture, yet complementary to the nearby historic district. This 49,000 sq. ft. complex hosts 43 condominium apartments. KMC Commander was installed to help the facility managers better monitor alarm status on their sump pump systems, track discharged air temperatures, and trend the efficiency of heat pumps. The Beauregard is utilizing the customization of Commander by establishing email notifications on alarms and temp status with a tiered approach. For example, when an alarm is first triggered, 2 team members are automatically emailed. If it continues for a set period of time, 4 additional members are emailed. They are also creating custom graphics in the Commander software to tailor and develop the system to their exact needs. These customizations are accessible across a number of applications, and these systems are only the beginning.

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  • First Baptist Church, Elkhart, IN

    Being primarily a house of worship, the energy usage at First Baptist Church in Elkhart fluctuates greatly throughout the week. These variances in usage require a smart building automation system to help manage comfortability, track occupancy, and optimize usage. KMC Commander was installed to add to the functionality of the existing building automation system to tie in additional systems like lighting and irrigation. This aggregation of data across several disparate systems now allows the leadership to ensure their stewarding funds as efficiently as possible and while maintaining a comfortable environment throughout the jumps in activity.

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Get Started Today: How to Buy Commander

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KMC Commander is available through the purchase of base packages, which include the basics you need to get started. You may then purchase additional licensing and accesories as needed for each project. While the wireless models come with additional antennas and accessories, all base packages include:

  1. KMC Commander BX (with desired connectivity)
  2. 100 CAP Annual Licensing for 1 Year
  3. 5 GB of Cloud Storage for 1 Year
  4. A DIN-rail Mounting Adapter


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